Varda Private I.T.I. will establish a dispensary having one compounder and one dresser to look after the health and safety of trainee and staff members, particularly to meet any emergency during the working hours of institute and able to handle any accident. The dispensary will be loaded with required medicines and other material. The compounder will also provide the knowledge about awareness of common disease like typhoid hepatitis, Cholera, Dengue maintenance of good health and hygiene. The Institute has arrangements of indoor and outdoor games in supervision of a Physically Instructor by providing sports material to the Trainees so that they may maintain their physical health without any disease.

The Institute will arrange ad hoc health checkup camps for Trainer and staff. They will also be provided First AID Training to meet out any emergency. The medical record of each trainee and staff will be maintained in the Institute and all the Trainees and staff will be insured through insurance company so that the person concerned may get benefitted.

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